3 Cell Phone Secrets to Better Employee Connections
3 Cell Phone Secrets to Better Employee Connections

Using your phone for quick personal touches can strengthen workplace bonds:

As a boss, your cell phone can be a powerful tool for strengthening employee relationships when used correctly. Small, personal interactions go a long way in making people feel valued, engaged and more likely to stick around and drive profits.

Try implementing these 3 simple cell phone habits to steadily improve your workplace connections:

1. Video Call-Outs
Next time an employee does great work, give them a personal shout-out through a quick, casual video call or selfie video message. Seeing their boss's genuine smile and hearing their appreciative words can mean more than an email. You can even record the video while walking to their desk to make it extra personal.

2. Anniversary Texts
Put every employee's work anniversary in your calendar. When the date rolls around, send them a text saying how much you value their contributions over the years they've been with the company. Adding a personal memory or inside joke makes it even more meaningful. A thoughtful text takes almost no time but can seriously boost engagement and retention.

3. Check-In Picture Shares
When you're out and see something that makes you think of an employee's interests, snap a quick photo and send it to them over text. It can be something small like a drink that reminds you of their favorite coffee shop. This shows you pay attention and see them as a person, not just an employee number. The personal acknowledgment can brighten their day.

Put It Down Too
However, don't let your phone be a distraction. Put it away when:
  • In meetings to give your full attention
  • Having one-on-one conversations to make real eye contact
  • Walking around the office so you're present and approachable
Your cell phone allows you to connect through quick, casual, authentic interactions that reinforce employees' value. But balance is key - put it down during important moments. These small mobile-enabled moments plus unplugged focus time add up to stronger workplace bonds and a more engaged, retained team over time. Just a few taps or putting it away can seriously boost morale and profits!

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