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Empower your managers with our expert-led training and certification programs. Designed for both live and virtual environments, we specialize in transforming management skills to enhance team performance, reduce employee turnover, and drive customer satisfaction.  Experience the difference effective leadership makes in maximizing your business's profitability and success.

The Cost of Having Untrained and  Undertrained Managers

  1. Increased Turnover Rates: Untrained managers often struggle with team management, leading to high staff turnover and loss of valuable talent.
  2. Reduced Productivity and Efficiency: Lack of proper leadership skills results in mismanaged resources and decreased productivity.
  3. Poor Decision-Making: Undertrained managers may make ill-informed decisions, negatively impacting the organization's growth and stability.
  4. Low Employee Morale: Ineffective leadership can lead to a demotivated workforce, severely impacting team spirit and overall morale.
  5. Financial Losses and Legal Risks: Unskilled management can result in costly mistakes, legal issues, and financial losses due to inefficiency and compliance failures.

Sound familiar?
If so, it’s time to get proactive.

"Little Improvements Over Time Produce Dynamic Results!"
– Dane Bauerle 
President, San Antonio Business Leadership Academy

The Benefit of Having Extraordinary, Highly Trained, Dynamic Leaders

  1. Enhanced Team Performance: Exceptional leaders inspire and motivate teams, leading to increased productivity and higher quality outcomes.
  2. Innovative Problem-Solving: Well-trained leaders bring creative solutions, driving innovation and keeping the organization ahead of competition.
  3. Strong Employee Retention: Dynamic leaders foster a positive work environment, significantly reducing turnover and retaining top talent.
  4. Strategic Decision Making: Highly trained leaders make informed, strategic decisions that propel the organization towards its goals.
  5. Cultivating a Culture of Excellence: Exceptional leadership sets a standard of excellence, cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and success.


Our Manager Certification Training & Leadership Development

Empowering Leaders, Transforming Organizations 


We Empower your managers with our expert-led training and certification programs. Designed for both live and virtual environments, we specialize in transforming management skills to enhance team performance, reduce employee turnover, and drive customer satisfaction. Experience the difference effective leadership makes in maximizing your business's profitability and success."
At The San Antonio Business Leadership Academy, we specialize in building extraordinary dynamic leaders, elevating leadership skills to drive organizational success. Our comprehensive approach to leadership development focuses on cultivating dynamic, innovative leaders who are equipped to navigate today's complex business landscape.  Our approach is designed for the adult learner and will propell them to a new level of success.

What Our Clients Are Saying
A single testimonial will speak a million words!

"Our collaboration with the San Antonio Business Leadership Academy has been a game-changer. In just a year, 50 of our leaders have honed their skills through the program, contributing to our recent recognition with the Circle of Excellence award. This leadership program isn't limited to organizations in crisis; it's for those committed to continuous improvement. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to invest in leadership development and achieve outstanding results. Our ongoing partnership with the academy assures a bright future of success and growth."  Bill Wechter |President of North Central Baptist Hospital in San Antonio

"I always believed I was communicating with staff, getting my message across, and frankly thought there just wasn't enough hours in the day to get all my things accomplished. Working with Dane opened my eyes and taught me how to effectively manage my time, communicate my message clearly to employees, and stay focused on my most important activities day to day. I see a side of me I always 'thought' was there and through this process of coaching and discovery have become a more effective leader."  Ric Martinez | Best Selling author & Former CEO

"I would recommend Dane to any company who is looking to set new goals and strategic plans to grow their company. As the President of CREW, I was looking for a consummate leader who effectively helped my board to set and reach new goals for the new year. His creativity & delivery style was contagious with all personality types present. He had a true connection and inspired everyone. We are thrilled with the information and direction that was brought out with his facilitation of our meeting. You bet we will bring him back next year!" -  Kim Ghez | President, CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women)

What is Included?
Facilitator Lead Leadership Development & Manager Training

Your managers and supervisors will learn practical skills for boosting productivity, motivating teams, delegating effectively, and fostering high performance. Fundamental skills such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, time management, and decision-making will be cultivated. To see a full list of what the curriculum includes, click here.

Participants will learn 1 fundamental skill during each session and are encouraged to immediately practice that skill in their department. We believe little improvements over time produce BIG dynamic results. By delivering small, digestible segments, we focus on creating lasting behavior change that enhances accountability and performance

Every participant will receive their own "Getting Results Through Others" workbook, which includes the entire curriculum along with tangible action steps for practicing new skills within their department.

Every participant receives a framed Dynamic Leader Management Certificate upon completion of this 6-month program, which proudly serves as a symbol of their commitment to their teams & driving positive change in your business.

Ready to transform your managers into Dynamic Leaders so you can start to see real business growth, profitability, retention & customer satisfaction? 
Meet Coach Dane.....
I know what it’s like to lose great talent and have your mind flooded with thoughts on how to get better results from your people. With 15 years of experience in Corporate America, I've been in your shoes, managing teams, and driving success. Starting as a branch manager with a team of 15 employees, I eventually started leading bigger teams, tackling challenges such as profitability and customer satisfaction head-on.
I've witnessed talented individuals leave organizations and often pondered why some people don’t seem as motivated or driven as I am.  Through asking better questions and experimenting with different techniques for over a decade, I’ve come to learn that it's not that others lack dedication; they simply lack the know-how to drive positive results.
Together, we can bridge this gap, elevate your teams to excellence, and improve your business outcomes. Through our 1-on-1 consulting and proven manager training program, we've partnered with hundreds of businesses across varying industries, from small teams to large corporations, transforming managers into dynamic leaders capable of adapting to change and maximizing team performance.
Let's equip your managers and supervisors with the tools they need to succeed, setting your business on a path to new heights. Positive change begins here.

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What our clients say about The San Antonio Business Leadership Academy:


Tom Vaello- President, Right Images

The San Antonio Business Leadership Academy process was the catalyst that helped our 30 year old company enjoy 30% growth – Tom Vaello | President, Right Images

Denise Barkhorst  CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas
I am certain that each participant experienced at least one transformative moment that that has helped them grow not only as individuals but the team as a whole. Second, the experience didn’t end when the sessions stopped. The team continues to discuss “high pay off activities,” goals and emotional maturity. After finding the first workshop with Dane to be so beneficial our agency, we decided to continue and Dane is currently working with our external communications team. - Denise Barkhurst | CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas

Paul Berry | Owner, Mr. Appliance of San Antonio & Corpus Christi
Dane has caused my business to increase in volume, sales and revenue. Dane has made me a better manager of both my business and my people. His course material continues to provide focus and attention to detail as I grow my business.  –  Paul Berry | Owner, Mr. Appliance of San Antonio & Corpus Christi

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