The True Cost of Employee Turnover

Uncover the staggering financial impact of losing an employee. This calculator reveals both the visible and hidden costs that can devastate your bottom line.
Job Listing / Ad Fees
Avg: $500
Recruitment Hours
Avg: 40 hrs
Recruiter's Annual Salary
Avg: $60,000
Credit Check Fees
Avg: $50
Background Check Fees
Avg: $100
Drug Screening Fees
Avg: $75
New Hire's Annual Salary
Payroll Tax (Auto-calculated)

Onboarding & Training Costs
Avg: 10% of salary

Total Replacement Cost

This is the cost to replace just ONE employee

Hidden Costs Not Included Above:

  • Lost productivity during vacancy and onboarding
  • Decreased team morale and potential chain reaction of resignations
  • Loss of institutional knowledge and client relationships
  • Potential impact on company culture and reputation

The Leadership Factor

"People don't quit jobs, they quit bosses." Poor leadership is often the root cause of high turnover. Investing in leadership development can dramatically reduce these costs and boost retention.

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